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Mole Finds A Friendly Dog ​​Waiting For Him At The End Of His Tunnel

Fiona, a white-furred Great Pyrenees, is a lovely and curious dog that lives in San Francisco, California (United States). She likes going for walks virtually every day with her mum; she is a sociable dog.

When she wanders through Golden Gate Park, she’s always wondered where the holes originate from. She started waiting outside to say hello when she realized these were the work of moles; she gets so happy.

According to Fiona’s mother, who spoke to The Dodo,

“He does it on a regular basis.” She believes that everyone wants to greet her.”


Fortunately, the moles who meet Fiona are all nice and appear to be delighted to discover her waiting. One of these visits was captured and uploaded on the dog’s mother’s Instagram account.

She declares:

“It’s amazing how seamless and lovely their interactions are.”

The little creatures don’t appear to be terrified of Fiona, despite her size. When they walk out and enjoy little moments with the restless dog, they appear to comprehend the furry’s interest and her kind intents.


She went on to say:

“It’s difficult to persuade her to go, and they spend a lot of time hanging about the squirrel holes since she’s such a large female.”


Although it might take a long time for an animal to come out to say hello, the dog is always quite excited.

Fiona’s mother continues:

“She’s the loveliest puppy I’ve ever met.”