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Army Sergeant Reunites With The Puppy He Saved Abroad

While serving in the United States Army, Char Webb came across an adorable little dog who was part of a litter of homeless puppies and, as far as she knew, was the weakest of them all. that he should provide a hand to her

Char decided to take care of the dog named PupPup from then on, and it became one of his responsibilities on the battlefield. Sergeant Char Webb’s duty, however, had come to an end sooner than intended, and he would have to return to his homeland.

Char was frightened that she would have to abandon her pet after having shared so much with him, especially because they had built a unique relationship.


The woman wanted to do something about the issue, so she contacted Paws Of War, a non-profit group.

This group is committed to assisting active military troops in bringing animals they have saved while their duty to the United States. She wanted to make sure her puppy returned home with her, and she hoped they would be able to assist her through PupPup.


On the organization’s Facebook page, Char wrote:

“I can’t stand leaving my precious and helpless PupPup behind, so I’m pleading with Paws of War to assist me in bringing her to America.”

She realized that if she left her here, she would most certainly die, as it is a harsh environment for dogs.


Char went on to say:

“Moreover, we have developed such a close friendship that means the world to me. I can’t abandon her, and I’ll be eternally grateful if you can assist me in bringing her home.”

When the organization’s co-founder, Robert Misseri, learnt about the situation, he immediately set out to introduce PupPup to the United States. Char was still on duty when the organization’s personnel arrived at the location, but they had to act fast with his pet.


According to Robert, who spoke to The Dodo,

“We knew we just had a week and a half to obtain PupPup since he was going in a week and a half.”

As a result, the organization’s employees took the small child to a veterinarian to be vaccinated and inspected as soon as possible. They then found a foster home for PupPup, where she could be confined until she was ready to leave the country.