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A Squirrel Photobombed Engagement Photoshoot In The Most Adorable Way Ever

Recently, couple Kelin Flanagan and Spencer Taubner set out to the Canadian Rockies with B.D.F.K Photography for a romantic engagement photoshoot, but it didn’t turn out as expected…

The weather wasn’t in their favour so, without getting the chance to hike up to the Cirque Peak, they decided to turn around and take a few shots on the way back instead. “On our way back we saw a nice spot for the photos ― a kind of stony area.

When we started shooting, the squirrel showed up,” BDFK Photography told Huffington Post. It was passing by, collecting some nuts that hikers left by and B.D.F.K. Photography managed to capture the nuttiest picture ever… Looks like the photoshoot went well after all, huh?