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Woman Removes A Stray Dog ​​From The Tracks Seconds Before The Train Arrives

Nina Love knew she couldn’t waste any time when she received a message about the pit bull roaming on the railway tracks, so she grabbed her rescue gear and drove to the location without hesitation.

The dog was large and she could readily detect her, but catching her would be difficult, so she sought assistance from a local rescuer.

They followed her for approximately 3 miles through the railroad tracks, and everyone was frightened, knowing that the train may pass at any minute.


Nina explained to The Dodo:

“I knew the train would arrive soon since it passed right before we met her, and trains come every 10 to 15 minutes.”

Adrenaline was pumping, and even though Nina was risking her life, she knew she had to assist the puppy when she gazed into her eyes. The dog was quivering with dread and fleeing, but Nina realized that she was screaming for aid when she glanced at her.


Nina remarked:

“I kept my distance because she was terrified.”

Nina’s rescue partner thankfully brought her puppy Teddy along, since the presence of another dog appeared to calm the puppy down.


They approached her as her companion was chatting to her, Teddy came even closer, and they managed to grab her despite the dog’s hesitation.

Nina continued:

“Until I got near enough to tie her up, my companion hugged her.”


Everyone was relieved to be safe, but the situation was so emotional that Nina couldn’t take it any longer and burst into tears.

Nina has a long history of volunteering to aid homeless dogs in Philadelphia, as well as visiting local shelters and responding to crises. She frequently responds to posts on social media regarding dogs in need or gets calls from other neighbors in her neighborhood.