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Woman Continues To Feed Animals On The Streets Despite Having Little Money

Despite the Philippine Animal Welfare Society’s (PAWS) various attempts to eliminate animal cruelty, there are still unexplained incidents. Especially dogs and cats left on the streets, the majority of which die of starvation or illness.

Some are taken to city kennels, where they will be euthanized if they are not claimed or adopted within a certain amount of time.

For these reasons, an animal lover called Maureen Lacida Claro has devoted her time and personal cash to feeding homeless dogs and cats.

Facebook/Maureen Lacida Claro

Maureen shared a photo on Facebook of herself riding her pedicab and feeding the dogs and kittens she encounters on the street.

The tweet by the 43-year-old animal activist went viral, and she noted that she had been feeding dogs and cats for three years.

Maureen explained to POP:

“I’ve been feeding them for three years now.”

Facebook/Maureen Lacida Claro

“I was merely spending my own money at first, but it grew to the point where it was no longer within my budget.”

Maureen decided to promote what she is doing for street animals on Facebook in order to generate money for her cause.

People became interested in her work after her post went viral, and help began pouring in from people who had heard the story, which made Maureen very happy.

Maureen explained:

“I considered publishing it on Facebook until people began offering money for dog and cat food,” she says. Some of them were even saved by me. Those in critical condition are being transferred to the Fortress of Hope Shrine’s refuge.”

Maureen is now overjoyed to be able to continue her job as a result of the donations. She appreciates the assistance she has received, especially now that the COVID-19 outbreak has made things more difficult.