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Koala Saved From Forest Fires Keeps Snuggling With His Savior

Bill Blair saw something interesting while photographing a charred ground following the bushfires that raced through Australia using his drone. On Kangaroo Island, there was a small newborn koala curled up at the foot of a tree, alone, afraid, and bewildered, and searching for rescue.

Bill had already started snapping shots in his car when he observed the small child and decided to return since he couldn’t leave him there.

Bill explained to The Dodo:

“I remembered being informed when I first came that if I see a koala at the foot of a tree, it signals he’s out of food and needs assistance, and to throw something on him.”

Facebook/ABC Sydney/Bill Blair

“So I took off my shirt, put it on the koala, scooped it up, and carried it back to the car while holding the drone.”

When Bill approached him to pick him up, the Koala was terrified, but he appeared to understand that he was there to help and save him.

The small one was badly burnt on all four legs, and it was a marvel that the baby koala had survived on his own.

Bill decided to take the koala to the makeshift koala hospital put up on the island after transporting him to his car covered in his shirt.

The koala suddenly pulled his head out of his shirt, stared at Bill for a time, then peered out the window and investigated the car as Bill was driving.

Facebook/ABC Sydney/Bill Blair

Bill turned the koala over to the personnel in charge of providing him with the treatment he needed when they got at the hospital. Bill and the tiny koala, on the other hand, were hesitant to say goodbye since they didn’t want to be separated.

Bill stated,

“I believe he was relieved that I had found him, and he was clearly fond of me. When I handed him up to the military physician, he refused to leave me.”

Facebook/ABC Sydney/Bill Blair

Fortunately, the young koala received the medical attention he required and was eventually released back into his native home.

Bill stated,

“They’re doing a wonderful job there; the villagers bring in koalas and kangaroos every day.” It was extremely inspiring to see so many people come together to aid these creatures. I’m delighted to contribute in whatever tiny manner.”

Facebook/ABC Sydney/Bill Blair