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Loyal Dog Waits With His Girl For The Bus Every Day To Make Sure She Is Safe

Adorable footage of a small white dog escorting a girl from a bus stop in China have gone popular on the internet, capturing the attention of many who can’t believe the wonderful bond that has developed between the two.

This small puppy walks the daughter to the school bus stop every morning and makes sure she gets on the bus safely.

When the afternoon arrives, he goes to the same location to pick her up, and the two of them cheerfully stroll home together.


The delighted puppy can be seen wagging his tail as soon as he notices the yellow school bus arriving in the photographs.

After the mother of the small girl chose to upload the footage on China’s Douyin platform, he became an Internet celebrity.


The dog seemed to be pretty thrilled to see the bus arrive in the first video; later, a teacher is seen stepping off the bus to assist the girl in boarding, while the dog enthusiastically strolled about both of them.

In another video, the dog can be seen staring at the small girl as she boards the bus and then watching as it departs the station.


The puppy does this every day, according to the girl’s mother, who goes by the name ‘Yu Xi Ma Ma’ in Douyin, and she chose to share this gesture of loyalty and protection with the world.

The woman, according to the Daily Mail, said:

“He can recognize the sound of a school bus even though he’s only a puppy. He does this for my daughter every morning and evening.”


In another video, a very enthusiastic dog is seen attempting to board the bus to greet the daughter after her kindergarten courses.