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Horse And Cat Adores Playing Together, They Are Inseparable Now

With all of their beauty and grace, horses are wonderful animals to own, film and be around. These giant majestic creatures are so gentile, making it easy for horses to make friends with anyone! We’ve all heard about horses and dogs, but what about horses and cats?

This animal lover, Jessica Baker, considers herself very lucky to have been able to surround herself with wonderful equines together with other farm and domestic animals. In her daily life, she often witnesses her many animals communicating with each other and forming unlikely bonds. She enjoys filming these precious moments on her Youtube channel!

It was one beautiful day on the farm when her horse, Magnum, got acquainted her farm cat. The cat allowed the horse to sniff and chase it around, and you’ll see the horse get very excited when the kitty pats it on the nose! Luckily for Jessica, she was able to capture yet another bonding moment between a couple of her animals.

It is so interesting when we get to see two different species play with each other! Who would have thought a horse and cat could be such good friends.