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Homeless Kittens And An Orphaned Goat Form The Most Beautiful Friendship

The loveliest thing that exists is animal companionship, and it is even more beautiful when it develops across different species. This is something that happens at Edgar’s Mission Sanctuary in Victoria, Australia, where two orphaned goats called Fifi and two abandoned kittens have formed a wonderful and unusual connection.

After her mother died, Fifi was saved from a meat farm. She met Snow Leopard and Snow Tiger at the shelter, two rebellious kittens who had previously been unable to form any kind of attachment with anyone.

The creator of Edgar’s Mission, Pam Ahern, told The Dodo:

“Fifi, like other newborns, is very curious and enjoys exploring new things, especially kitties.”

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The bond that these three have formed has been extremely beneficial to Snow Tiger. He was a demanding and mischievous kitten before Fifi came, but the tiny one has changed dramatically. Pam claims the kitty has transformed from a terrified kitten ripping everything in his path to a purring ball of fur that he simply wants to embrace out of love.

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The refuge saves animals of many types from horrible situations. Staff frequently observe these ties establishing between animals seeking affection and camaraderie.

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Pam continued, ”

“We like watching the many species interact here at the sanctuary; their nonjudgmental attitudes are something we humans might learn from. They don’t give a damn about your appearance.”

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These buddies each been through terrible times before meeting each other, and they appear to enjoy their time together today. Fifi and the cats have developed a connection and love spending time together at the refuge.

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