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Family Finds The Cutest Way To Help Their Dog With Anxiety

Myko is a sweet rescue dog that adores Halloween costumes. While most people only wear them once a year, the lovely guy has turned it into a year-round hobby. Since he was a puppy, this has helped Myko overcome his anxieties about him, and the fact is that he looks great in every costume.

Myko’s mother, Elena, told The Dodo:

“He had been rescued from a high-mortality shelter in South Carolina, and he had been neglected previous to entering the shelter.” It was love at first sight when we saw photographs of him… his little face on TV with those large brown eyes immediately called to both of us, and we knew we had to save him.”


Myko may bark for lengthy periods of time when she is terrified. And calming him down is quite difficult. So her parents started to work and realized that the answer to her dilemma was there in her closet.

Elena explains:

“We never know what we’ll come upon that will make us fearful. Despite this, he is a bold, clever, and responsive to instruction someone who has done much and overcome many of these obstacles.”


Myko’s mum continued,

“We’d heard that tight-fitting gear (like a ThunderShirt) or pressure around the ears can help relax dogs in a high-arousal state. We ripped out the floppy ears from an Eeyore Halloween costume we got him a few months ago. When we put them on him, he immediately became quiet and relaxed ».

His old outfit has since become his shield against dread, and when he sees the suit’s ears, he knows it’s time to unwind and everything will be OK. Of course, Myko doesn’t mind using them because she receives a tasty gift in return.

Elena continues:

“If he’s reminded that he’ll have to use them, he’ll probably quiet up and go do something else.” He can also calm down when we take them out or when he sees them ».


Myko appreciates his parents’ constant care for him and appreciates the peacefulness of his gorgeous ears.

Elena concludes by saying:

“The way he expresses himself, his sentiments, and his intelligent responses to things is so encouraging and a reminder that it’s alright to feel things and seek help when you need it,” says the chevalier.

Elena continued, ”

“He has taught us innumerable lessons about courage, second chances, and kindness.”