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Camera Captures The Sweet Gesture Of A Woman Towards Her Dog When An Earthquake Occurs

Owen was injured when his mother, Goody Wu, discovered and rescued him in Taiwan. The cute canine now receives all of his adoptive mother’s care and love, and he has grown into a happy and healthy dog. The lady adores Owen, and despite the fact that she saved his life that day, she believes he is the one who rescued her.

When the shaking started, Goody and Owen were having a peaceful day at home. Owen was the first to notice it and jumped to his feet as the tremor developed into a magnitude 6.5 earthquake.

The Dodo quoted Goody as saying:

“I could see he was afraid. So I held him in my arms to comfort him and to protect him if everything started to fall apart.”

Facebook/ Goody Wu

Goody’s kind act toward Owen was entirely natural. She is, after all, his guardian and will constantly be concerned about his safety. They were both safe once the shaking ceased and everything settled down.

Goody explains:

“He’s a courageous dog, but he was terrified during the earthquake.” He felt at ease when I held him ».

Goody’s house camera recorded the scene on video:

Facebook/ Goody Wu