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Guy Sees A Bald Eagle Caught In Traffic — And Saves Her Life

A red and black flannel is Dandon Miller’s favorite item of apparel. He’s owned the shirt for eight years and wears it all the time, but he never imagined it would be used to save a life.

Miller was driving home from Philadelphia on Memorial Day weekend when traffic halted in front of him. Miller pulled over to the side of the two-way roadway and was taken aback when he saw what was creating the traffic bottleneck.

Miller told The Dodo, “I looked down to see why everyone was stopping and there was a bald eagle in the center of the road.”


Miller, an animal enthusiast, realized he had to rescue the injured bird escape danger.

The enormous animal was too damaged to fly, but her mighty talons prompted Miller to remove his favorite flannel and drape it over her. The eagle stayed calm while he wrapped her in the garment, to to Miller’s amazement.

“She was really peaceful when I took her up,” Miller added. “When people started taking photographs, she became a bit stirred up, but we were able to calm her down.”


Miller phoned 911 after moving the eagle off the road and finally contacted Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, a local wild bird rehabilitation agency. While waiting for rescue personnel, Miller held the 15-pound bird for almost 45 minutes. However, the time seemed to fly by.


Miller explained, “I wasn’t really thinking about it when I was holding her.” “I was simply trying to keep her quiet and reassure her that she was safe, and that I wasn’t going to drop her.”

“Holding that chick and seeing her so peaceful was simply incredible,” Miller continued. “It’s really incredible.”