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Cops Find A Lost Hamster And Decide To Keep Him Forever

The most selfless acts of generosity are frequently performed in the service of the most vulnerable beings.

And we’re confident that this hamster would concur.


The Berlin Police Department in Germany got an emergency call from a nearby hospital last week, but it was far from a normal plea for help. Patients had observed a little hamster, who appeared to be lost or abandoned, huddled alone in a neighboring shrub at night. They wanted to provide him with the assistance he required.

Rather than dismissing the call as a waste of time, officers on duty were delighted to lend a help — and a prestigious new title — to the hamster.

“A police patrol spotted him and dubbed him Sir Henry on the spot,” a Berlin Police official told The Dodo. “They transported him to the police station in an empty box (normally used for clinic gloves).”


Back at the station, the policemen were immediately smitten by the furry newcomer.

They gave the hamster hay to sleep on after his terrifying trip outside, and took photographs of him getting to know some of their police gear.

Sir Henry was unmistakably in capable hands.


Later, the police called an animal rescue organization, who agreed to take the hamster into their care. Sir Henry’s charms, on the other hand, were too appealing to be without for long.

“The next day, one of our officers went to the animal shelter and adopted him as a new family member,” a police official said, but stopped short of referring him Sir Henry as the force’s newest recruit:

“Let’s just say he’s been enthusiastically embraced as a member of the Berlin Police Department’s entire ‘family.'”


Sir Henry’s narrative, unsurprisingly, gained him a lot of new fans online. While some people were unhappy that the hamster wasn’t recruited on by the cops (at least not officially), that didn’t stop others from dreaming otherwise.