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Abandoned Dog Shows Rescuers The Secret She’s Hiding In A Thicket

Mama, a small puppy discarded in a dry riverbed near Redlands, California, relied on the goodwill of people to live.

She went to a bridge every day, where passers-by would occasionally stop to feed her. During the week, a woman who ran a water truck left the slender dog bowls of cereal.

Mama was reduced to skin and bones after six months on her own. The small dog, however, would not allow anybody touch her, no matter how hungry or needy she was.


A kind individual found her on Monday and posted a cry for aid on Facebook, which swiftly reached Faith Easdale of Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, a local dog rescuer. Two young guys who had also read the post were able to eventually grab Mama before Easdale could set a trap.

Mama appeared to have recently given birth, but Easdale suspected she was mistaken after no puppies were located following multiple inspections of the region.

Mama was pleased to be secure, despite the fact that she had avoided others for so long.


Easdale understood the next morning that the little dog had a significant secret. “I saw her nipples and thought to myself, ‘Uh oh, she’s got babies down there,'” she explained.

Easdale realized she had to uncover the hidden kids now that the slender dog had begun producing milk.

Mama was shackled to a long leash by Easdale and a companion as they returned to the empty riverbank. The dog refused to go even though there was miles of territory to cover and time was running out. If Mama was going to offer them any guidance, Easdale understood she’d have to be inventive.

“At first, she refused to show us where her kids were,” Easdale explained, “so we sat down and played sounds of puppies crying on YouTube.”

Mama led her rescuers down well-worn tunnels she had cut out of the thickets and thorns. Easdale then noticed four little brown puppies — three males and one female — huddled deep among the bush, half a mile from the bridge. Mama sat down and fed her week-old infants right away.

“She kept them secure from predators because they were so quiet and hidden down there,” Easdale added. “I wasn’t sure whether I was going to find small dead pups, so when they were alive, I simply sobbed.”

Mama was not only a fantastic mother, but she was also a fantastic resourceful dog, according to Easdale.


“This tiny puppy, who is just a year old, spent probably six months of her existence in that riverbed,” Easdale remarked. “She then had puppies and cared for them. The whole thing is wonderful. “I’m still shaking my head.”

Mama and her babies were transported to Lovebugs Rescue after a few days of regaining her strength at Easdale’s house.

Though Mama’s recovery from her existence on the riverbank may take weeks, once her and her offspring are well, the search for a permanent home will begin.