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Meet Bully, A 23-Year-Old Dog That Recently Got A Birthday Party At The Shelter

Meet Bully, a lovely dog that celebrated his birthday recently.

He turned 23 year old and owners threw a birthday surprise for him.

He used to live for 21 years with a loving family but now he lives at a shelter. His previous owners couldn’t take care for him anymore.

Owner of The Mr. Mo Project Chris Hughes has said that Bully is such an adorable dog and is so naughty and gentle.

“Bully loves to sleep and he has earned that right,” Hughes told The Dodo. “He will fall asleep absolutely anywhere, sometimes on the middle of the floor in the kitchen, on a potty pad or on the biggest, most comfortable bed in the corner.”

But Bully was so happy that Hughes family threw him a cute birthday party.

“We try to celebrate all the great things that happen in our home because so often there are not-so-great things that happen,” Hughes said.

“We celebrate when dogs finish chemo treatments, birthdays, adoptions and have been known to have Christmas in July if we think someone won’t make it until Christmas.”

Thanks to them, Bully is so thrilled now.