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Commuters Are Shocked To See A Paw With Shoes Next To A Child On The Subway

The subway is one of the most well-known modes of public transportation in many cities since it is very quick to travel on and covers most of the city’s major attractions.

There are so many things to see there that absolutely nothing surprises you anymore. However, passengers on this mode of transportation were astounded to see a youngster carrying his pet paw in sports shoes.

Mexico City is huge, and many people take the train during rush hour to see everything, but they never expected to see a duck there, let alone one wearing sports shoes. It was a bizarre encounter, and dozens of people shared images of the sighting on social media.

Bruna the duck, who was wearing blue sneakers with red and white accents, was being carried by a youngster, who was accompanied by her mother and brother, as they traversed a part of one of the city’s most central lines, according to one of those who saw her. As a result, it is one of the busiest cities in the world.

The child’s mother revealed that the small duck has been accompanying the youngster for two months, and that despite the fact that the boy is not particularly gregarious, he has managed to form a tight bond with the bird. The child concluded that the best way to avoid blisters was to put shoes on him.

“Seeing the youngster with his little leg was heartbreaking, and the greatest part is knowing that he genuinely cares about his well-being; I adored his shoes!” remarked a metro rider.

Another witness who saw Bruna and her child said the minor was pasting images on her and then the paw would yank the youngster’s hair. They were together during the voyage and appeared to be extremely pleased.

“I can’t with such sensitivity,” one user said. “Seeing them on the metro in the morning was enough for me, and I’m sure many other people, to have a fantastic day.”

As predicted, the Bruna story went viral, and within minutes, it had been shared by a large number of individuals, and best of all, they all took the same approach:

“All you need to see on the metro is a little leg with shoes to know you’re going to have a great day,” one Internet user said.

Bruna and her kid will very certainly be spotted on the metro again, causing the same delighted reaction in those who see them.