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The Last 2 Animals Of The Worst Zoo In The World Were Finally Released And Rescued

The reality for zoo animals is one of unfair treatment, where their presence should only delight visitors and viewers who are pleased by acts that have years of anguish and pain behind them for helpless beings that have been taken from their natural home.

Bubloo and Suzie, two Himalayan brown bears that had been suppressed and living in horrific conditions for years, were recently liberated as the final creatures remaining in the zoo.

Both animals were compelled to perform activities for zoo visitors’ entertainment.

They were given heavy blows during the training until they were able to synchronize and perform the flawless performance.

The two bears have been held captive at the zoo for more than 13 years; unhappy and with a tragic background, they will now strive to continue their lives in a new environment, away from the desolation and cruelty they have endured for so long.

His new home will be in a Jordanian sanctuary, which will be cared for by the Princess Alia Foundation, which was founded by the king’s eldest daughter.

The two bears’ well-being was a worry for the groups that preceded their release; both were in terrible health.

Suzie had a huge tumor that was surgically removed, but she developed a terrible infection as a result.

Fortunately, international vets came to Pakistan’s zoo to save his life.

Bubloo, on the other hand, had a tooth abscess that changed his personality; he displayed aggressive behavior that is not typical of this species.

Dr. Amir Khalil, a doctor from Four Paws, rehabilitated the two bears before they were released and, with the help of other groups, the zoo was closed completely.

Saleem Shaikh, a spokeswoman for Pakistan’s Climate Change Ministry, said:

“Both the public and authorities are no longer permitted to visit the Islamabad Zoo.”