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A Cyclist Goes For A Ride On A Distant Road And Suddenly Discovers That He Is Being Chased

Nobody enjoys the notion of someone following us on a walk. The case of a Canadian cyclist, on the other hand, has affected many people. Keith Ailey decided to get on his bike and go for a ride along a country road.

Nothing compares to the thrill of driving across a gorgeous scenery while getting some exercise for him. In addition, he makes the most of his alone time, but he did not anticipate the presence of an unexpected companion this time.

Keith started his stroll normally, but after a few minutes, he realized he wasn’t alone. He glanced about for an explanation but couldn’t locate anyone.

He chose to ignore it, but the thought that someone was following him made him feel uneasy. He eventually noticed an unusual animal after some time.

“I noticed a large black beast crossing the street. I always see bears or dogs in this region. Keith stated, “I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew it was a different species.”

Keith proceeded on his journey, gradually becoming more aware of his surroundings. He eventually got a glimpse of it: it was a massive and intimidating ram. The funny part was that the male sheep appeared to be really intrigued about the biker and would not let him go without more.

Keith explained, “I knew I had to video it on my phone because no one would believe me if something like this occurred to me.”

Keith slowed down, concerned about the safety of the animal in the center of the road. But nothing worked, and the sheep managed to track him down. For a long period, the sheep continued to show off its outstanding pursuing abilities.

A truck passed the bicycle a few minutes later, and the curious animal decided it was time to pursue him. Keith uploaded the video of his strange friend, and it quickly went viral. He was able to locate the animal’s owners thanks to the wonders of the Internet.