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Wounded, Rejected And Depressed Monkey, Recovers The Will To Live Thanks To A Kitten

Thanks to a loving kitten, a defenseless young monkey found wounded, dejected, defeated, and with no will to live has been able to find purpose in her days.

Avni is a monkey from Dhanotu, India, who came dangerously close to death. She used to spend her days freely on a farm, until she was electrocuted one day and suffered horrific burns.

Her owners refused to pay for her veterinary treatment and abandoned her to her destiny. Fortunately, the monkey’s plight caught the attention of some rescuers, and she was sent to a Peepal refuge.

They discovered that his condition was far worse than they had anticipated. He’d gotten more than just a few burns. One of her limbs was fatally injured, and the veterinarians were obliged to amputate it.

The tiny monkey was safe and healthy after a few months, but her demeanor was a clear indication that something was wrong.

Avni had not only had to deal with extreme bodily suffering, but she had also had to deal with the rejection of individuals she considered her family. She was devastated.

The small monkey sat in her cage for lengthy periods of time. She was adamant about not going out, eating, or interacting with other animals. She seemed to have lost the drive to carry on, as miserable as she was, and that’s when Billo entered her life.