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Donkey And Goose Became Best Friends After Losing Their Companions

After losing their longstanding partners, this donkey and a goose became the closest of friends. Bub the donkey and his companion Goose had a terrible year last year, but they’ve learned that life is still worth living as long as they have each other.

Bub is one of the oldest animals at Rikki’s Refuge, a farm animal refuge in Virginia, at 43 years old.

According to The Dodo, Bub arrived there four years ago with another donkey, BeeBee, with whom he had lived on another farm before their owner grew elderly and couldn’t care for them.

They had always been together, but something had changed. “BeeBee died away last year,” remarked a shelter employee. “Bub was heartbroken.”

Bub’s lifelong companion had passed away, and it appeared that, because to his age, he would pass away shortly as well.

But something beautiful happened and his sad loneliness was soon over.

A wild goose that had come to the farm with its partner also found itself alone about the same time.

Rather than flying in search of new horizons or possibly a female of his own species, Goose found solace in Bub, choosing him as his favorite friend as well as the donkey.

They’ve been inseparable ever then, spending their days together for the remainder of their lives.