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Homeless Dog Arrives At The Vet To Have Her Babies While Father Waits Outside

A somewhat uncommon scenario occurred recently in Cariacica, Espirito Santo, Brazil. A homeless dog was captured on security cameras heading into a veterinarian facility. The dog eagerly awaited the arrival of veterinarian Jooureo Rodrigues de Oliveira to check on her.

The vet quickly recognized her as pregnant and on the verge of giving birth. As a result, he accepted her to the clinic without hesitation.

Amiga, the dog, was able to give birth safely, and she gave birth to six lovely puppies while under the supervision of the veterinarian. Amiga understood exactly what she needed to do to keep the puppies secure from her and safe.

Image/ Campo Grande Veterinary

The surprises, however, did not stop with the delivery. While Amiga was giving birth, the father of the pups eagerly awaited what looked to be his family outside the clinic.

The entire family is now safe and sound, and they are awaiting adoption.

It was hard to believe seeing the probable father of the pups wait for news outside the veterinarian clinic. The specialist and his staff couldn’t help but be surprised, so they assured the new father that everything was OK and that his family was in excellent condition.

Image/ Campo Grande Veterinary

Amiga and her babies are in wonderful condition and are being cared for and pampered thanks to the veterinarian’s compassion that day for the vulnerable furry female.

The team at the clinic is hopeful that the pups will soon find loving homes where they can flourish and be content.

Image/ Campo Grande Veterinary