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Dog Rescued From The Meat Trade Just Wants To Be Hugged By Her Rescuer

The poor little puppy was curled up in the furthest corner of her cage, terrified of what was going on outside. Inside her cage, she had witnessed what had happened to the other dogs. They’d been dragged by their necks and slaughtered for their flesh. It would eventually be her turn.

But then there was Michael Chour, a guy who altered everything.

While visiting Chomkachek, Cambodia, Michael, the creator of The Sound of Animals, a nonprofit that rescued dogs from the Southeast Asian meat trade, came into a dog butcher.

CREDIT: The Sound of Animals

Sweety and the other canines were taken to a makeshift shelter in the Cambodian town of O Smach. The animals would be relocated to The Sound of Animals’ refuge in Ban Kruat, Thailand, once their health status was determined.

CREDIT: The Sound of Animals

Michael stated, ”

“I gave her a loving embrace and she allowed me to kiss her. “My heart melted, and I couldn’t stop crying.”

CREDIT: The Sound of Animals

Sweety appeared to be more calm when he finally sat her down.

“In all of these slaughterhouses that I visit, I see far too many horrifying things. I admire how they recognize that they will live and love.

CREDIT: The Sound of Animals

According to Michael, Sweety is currently in the organization’s shelter in Thailand, where she is doing well and making new friends. He usually finds homes for his rescued dogs, but this time he has decided to keep Sweety as his own.

CREDIT: The Sound of Animals