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They Saved An Orphaned Bear That Was Ready To Be Put Down

Thanks to a noble individual who emerged just in time on her route and did all necessary to save her, a newborn bear was given the chance to live.

The quiet and regular life of Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky was permanently altered the day he discovered a young bear in a forest adjacent to his Belarusian home. The creature was hungry and in bad shape; she had gotten away from her mother and Nikolay couldn’t find her no matter how hard he tried.

CREDIT: Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky

Nikolay lives in Borisov and owns “Kolyanich,” a farm that he runs with his children, as well as a complex of cottages that he rents out to visitors and fisherman.

One of his colleagues informed Nikolay that he had discovered a charming teddy bear the morning the bear came, and Nikolay assumed it was a prank.

CREDIT: Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky

Nikolay decided to summon the experts because the beast was very frail and hadn’t fed in days. The man had not expected to be the one to be responsible for the small bear.

“I contacted the Fauna employees and rangers I was familiar with. He was certain that they would be able to locate the mother in the neighborhood. They were unable to locate her, though.

CREDIT: Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky

Nikolay also phoned a zoo, but they informed him that they were unable to accommodate her at the moment. As a result, the Belarusian contacted Emergencies to handle the situation. He had no idea what kind of answer they’d come up with for him.

“They brought a cage to put her in,” Nikolay explained. The man quickly discounted such option and refused to hand it up for obvious reasons.

The staff then advised that he leave her in the same spot where he had discovered her, but he understood that this would put the bear in danger of starving.

CREDIT: Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky

Nikolay saw no other option than to adopt her at the time; he would be the one to care for her and feed her. Because it is unlawful to acquire these creatures, the ministry of wildlife approved a paper enabling him to retain the bear if he built an appropriate environment for it.

CREDIT: Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky

Nikolay was dedicated to nurturing the bear he named Vasilisa at the time.

Following a veterinary examination, it was found that this infant was just 3 months old and required particular attention. None of this was, however, inconvenient for this man.

CREDIT: Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky

That April, when the bear came on his land, the farmer’s life was turned upside down. She is like his baby to him, and as the bear grows older, she aspires to construct a more acceptable home for her to dwell in.

“My desire is to fence a section of woodland and create a space for her to dwell here, in nature, until I see where she will reside with my own eyes,” he stated.

CREDIT: Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky

Nikolay has earned everyone’s respect by defying the rules and taking a chance on life. This bear might have been put down, but this man’s kindness and love won out.

He has been caring for the bear since she was a youngster, and the relationship and bond between them has grown deeper over time.

CREDIT: Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky