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Shelter Dog Hops Into Random UPS Van — And His Life Is Changed Forever

The bighearted pooch had been just another shelter dog in need of a loving permanent home — until he met the right person to help him get there.


Cindy Grisanti volunteers at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter in New York as a dog walker. She brought Ernie out of his kennel for a walk and some fresh air earlier this month. Grisanti, on the other hand, had no idea that the trek would be life-changing.

Grisanti and Ernie saw a UPS van piloted by Jason Coronado parked for a 10-minute break along their route. Ernie reacted to Coronado as if he’d known him for a long time, despite the fact that they’d never met before.

Coronado told The Dodo, “He came over the hills delighted to see me, so I beckoned him up [into the cabin].”

The dog and the driver were no longer strangers in an instant.


“[Coronado] sat on the truck’s stairs, and Ernie approached him and began licking his face,” Grisanti told The Dodo. This carried on for quite some time. “I attempted to pull him out to continue our stroll after a few snuggles, but it was a struggle – he wanted to stay in the vehicle with his new friend!”

Ernie was definitely enamored with her. The UPS driver was as well.

The adorable puppy never left his mind as the weeks went.


Coronado learned via a social media post more than a month after the chance encounter that Ernie had still not been adopted. He had been waiting for a home since August, making him one of the shelter’s longest-staying dogs.

Coronado stated, “I was sad to learn he was still there.”

Coronado decided to offer Ernie a home with him after giving it some thought and chatting with his family. A lifetime of love will emerge from that lovely first impression.


Ernie has found his family – and he is aware of it.

“He’s ecstatic,” Coronado added. “I’m sorry I didn’t get him home sooner.”