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Adorable Dog Plays Dead So He Doesn’t Have To Leave The Park

Dogs love going to the park; it’s one of their favorite parts of the day because they get to run around and enjoy some fresh air. Telling them it’s time to go home can be a challenge for some pet parents, and this dog can’t stand walking time running out, so he decides to play dead so he doesn’t have to leave the park.

Nicola Booth was out on a stroll in Queensland, Australia, when she came across a guy walking his dog, Vincent, who was lying upside down in the middle of the road.

When it’s time to depart the park, Vincent seems to apply this strategy as Booth observes the dog’s spectacular performance.

Facebook / Nicola Booth

Booth shared a video of this scene on Facebook with the caption:

“Think about this dog’s owner the next time you get irritated with your dog for walking too slowly.”

Facebook / Nicola Booth