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Dog Saves A Family Of Five By Waking Them Up During A House Fire

After notifying her family of a fire in Teluk Intan, Malaysia, a dog astonished the whole local media. The incident occurred at 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 23, as the five-member family was soundly resting in their house.

Anandaveli, the dog, was restless, and her keen sense of smell alerted her to something amiss, prompting her to inform her mother Vimala; he attempted to rouse her up by chewing on her nightgown and licking her face, but she did not respond.

The woman saw no problem and continued to sleep on, so Anandaveli proceeded to rip her hair out, but her attempts were futile once more.

Facebook/ Terence Naidu

The dog, however, did not give up and continued to bite her face and even her ear, as well as pulling on her pajamas incessantly, and Vimala assumed her dog was thirsty, so she chastised her and ordered her to fetch water for her.

Facebook/ Terence Naidu

However, she got up when she saw that the loving dog continued insisting on scooping her up and discovered that a piece of her house was on fire.

According to the Malay Mail, Vimala said:

“I instructed him to go get some water in the kitchen, but as he kept pulling on my garments, I sat up and noticed that the prayer altar in the middle of my house was on fire.”

Facebook/ Terence Naidu

When she saw this horrific image, she leapt from her bed and began shouting, alerting her whole family to what was going on. She roused her three children and instructed them to flee the house as quickly as possible in order to save their lives.

Facebook/ Terence Naidu

Marimuthu Naidu, 58, was remained in his room after suffering a stroke and was unable to move. But Vimala’s youngest son put his life on the line to save his father, and after trekking into the blazing house, he was able to save him.

All of the family members were able to safely flee the house, but the house was unfortunately destroyed by fire.

Facebook/ Terence Naidu

Several fire vehicles came at Eastern Garden to put out the raging fire, which was brought under control at 6 a.m.

Needless to say, the entire family was appreciative for Anandaveli’s bravery; she had minor burns but was treated well.

Facebook/ Terence Naidu

According to the mother, Anandaveli had a difficult start in life and barely made it out alive, but she was saved by being bottle-fed.

Vimala continued:

“I was the one who nursed her back to health. I even gave him a bottle.”

Because of the dog’s great bravery, Terence Naidu, a local politician, learnt of the family’s plight and promised to assist them. Terence’s major goal is to be able to restore his entire home, and he has already aided them with goods and money.

Facebook/ Terence Naidu

Anandaveli has grown in popularity, and as a result, many individuals are contributing financially to help cover the expense of the house’s reconstruction. Terence noticed a strange causality after visiting the family; it turns out that he had studied with Vimala many years ago.

The family is overjoyed and has committed to give any monies left over to animal sanctuaries.

Facebook/ Terence Naidu

Terence applauded Anandaveli’s bravery and advised everyone to treat animals with respect.

The family is currently residing in Vimala’s mother’s home, but they are hopeful that their own home will be completed soon and that they will be able to return there.

Facebook/ Terence Naidu