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Czech Village Helps A Stork Father And His Babies Who Lost Their Mother

Years ago, the story of Malena and Klepetan, who became a pair of storks, became well-known and well-liked by Internet users. With the aid of Stjepan Vokic, the storks stayed on a home roof in Brodski Varos, Croatia, for over two decades.

Malena would have been killed if the guy hadn’t intervened after she was shot by a hunter. But the most touching aspect of that narrative was Klepetan’s annual flight from South Africa to Croatia to see his beloved Malena.

Everything now appears to imply that a second family of white storks that built a nest in Mladé Buky, Czech Republic, has stolen its Internet fame.

Image | Youtube

Not only has he acquired recognition on social media, but he has also garnered the affection and admiration of the whole community.

However, this family is beset by tragedy, since the mother stork was electrocuted after incubating and witnessing the birth of her offspring.

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Following that tragic tragedy, neighbors saw that the family’s father continued to make an attempt to feed and care for his children. A neighborhood movement began from that point on to help the little family of storks and aid their feeding process by leaving some food.

Image | Youtube

Bukacek, the male, collects all of the food that visitors leave in his nest and distributes it to his little children.

Ji Zeman, a local engineer, and his buddy ándor Havrán are in charge of ascending a ladder three times a day and providing food for them.

Image | Youtube

Ji explained to The Animal Reader:

“We provide them a little bit of everything, including fish, earthworms, and even mice,” says the narrator.

The nest is perched above a village chimney, but that doesn’t stop them from assisting the cute family in need. Furthermore, the inhabitants of the area have begun a fundraising effort to maintain a web camera fixed to broadcast the birds’ development.

Image | Youtube

The transmission is streamed live on YouTube so that others may see what they do on a daily basis. It was only watched by approximately 50 people at first, but after the mother died, the number of watchers grew to almost 2,000.

On YouTube, Ji stated:

“Unfortunately, we haven’t been spared a catastrophe this year either.” Our female stork perished tragically after coming into touch with high-voltage cables.”

People from all across the world have donated money to help the birds, with more than 11,800 euros received so far.

Ji had this to say:

“We’re donating a large portion of the money to local bird breeders that aid struggling animals since it’s too much money for the birds.”

It’s extremely probable that the modest family will obtain all they need to overcome the hurdles thanks to everyone’s assistance.

Image | Youtube