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Rescued Monkey Is Warmly Welcomed Home By His Family In Touching Video

A rescued Vervet monkey who was injured has a heartwarming welcome home when he is finally free to see them again.

Pearce, a 1 year old Vervet monkey, hurt his leg, but after three weeks of treatment at South Africa’s Umsizi Umkomaas Vervet Rescue Centre, Pearce was all better and it was time for him to return to his family.

This touching video shows not only shows the amazing bond between the young monkey and his mother, but the whole troop as well, including the Alpha male.

Pearce makes his way over to the troop lounging on the roof of a shed at the rescue centre and climbs up. His mom instantly recognizes him and races over to help him up. The moment he’s up on top, she embraces him and a sibling comes over and joins in. It’s a moment of pure familial love!

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Umsizi Umkomaas Vervet Rescue Centre specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating vervet monkeys, who are under threat due to land development in their natural habitat.

The orphaned and injured monkeys they take into their care are rehabilitated and released back into the wild whenever possible.