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Horse That Lost Both Eyes Never Gave Up- Meet The Phenomenal Endo!

I’m a sucker for a good underdog story, and Endo the Blind may have the best one of all! Despite losing both of his eyes at the age of eight, this brave boy can do anything a sighted horse can do – and much more!

Along with his utterly devoted mom and handler, Morgan Wagner, Endo travels around the country entering shows, performing liberty work, and charming crowds of fans.

Endo’s favorite area of competition is a newer discipline known as Working Equitation that combines dressage and obstacle work. He is so amazingly intelligent, trainable and trusting of his mom/trainer that it’s easy to forget he has a handicap!

In this video, Endo shows off some of the 40 – yes, FORTY! – different voice cues that help him navigate obstacles and practice his routines!

Wagner proudly captioned the video on the Endo the Blind Facebook page:

“Even with no eyes Endo can still maintain perfect circles around me. He’s becoming phenomenal. Got him out of the trailer at the expo and took him straight into the arena to practice for dress rehearsal tonight. He did his liberty work without a single hesitation. He still amazes me.”