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Deaf Dog Who’s Never Heard A Bark Invents Her Very Own Way Of ‘Speaking’

Reggie is a nice rescue puppy that lives in a world that is deafeningly quiet. Reggie may have never heard what a dog is supposed to sound like since her family believes she was born deaf.

But it hasn’t prevented her from coming up with her own “bark.”


Reggie may not recognize the sound of a bark, but she has grown aware of the physical action connected with it after seeing other dogs communicate. And, clearly, she concluded that that must be a quite effective method of attracting attention.

So, much to her family’s amazement, she decided to try it out herself one day. Reggie is normally deafeningly quiet.

Reggie’s owner, Lindsay Kelly, told The Dodo, “It definitely took me a while to comprehend what she was doing.” “At first, I mistook it for a sneeze or cough. But as she kept doing it and staring at me, I understood she was attempting to communicate.”

Here’s Reggie in action, apparently pleased with herself: “Wonderful bark,” Kelly

@lind_saymyname Sound on or off. Doesn’t really matter. 🐶 🗣 #dogsoftiktok #doggo ♬ original sound – Lindsay Kelly

Reggie had discovered her “voice,” which she has been employing ever since.

Her bark may seem a little strange, but the greatest thing is that it works. Kelly knows what to look for, and Reggie is always happy to know she’s being heard.