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Corgi Named Gen That Suffered From Anemia And Malaise Never Gave Up And Now Is Living A Happy Life

Meet this cute corgi boy named Gen. He is so cute, energetic, and active that loves playing around all the time.

“He turned five on May 3rd. Like most corgis, he’s active, playful, and clever”, pup’s owner told Bored Panda.

Also, Gen is so famous for his facial expressions. Corgi is so famous now in Instagram by gaining more than 111k followers.

Can you imagine that?

He’s absolutely irresistible despite his health problem since he was born.

“Gen was born with hereditary chronic renal failure. It cannot be cured,” the dog’s owner said, adding that it’s the same condition people have. “This disease causes Gen to experience polyuria (urinating more than usual), polydipsia (being thirsty all the time), anemia, malaise, and high blood pressure. To make things even worse, Gen was also born with other convulsive seizures prostatic hyperplasia”.

But he never gave up. Even though he got 4 injections, dog is still smiling and living his best life with his owners.

“He also gets a blood test and echo test once a month,” his owner added. “His diet is a special one, centered around his renal failure. All his treats are additive-free and made in Japan.”

Despite everything, Gen is such a strong boy.