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Every Day For A Year After Finding Food On The Floor, The Cat Checks The Same Spot For More

To the untrained eye, this may appear to be just another ordinary floor tile. But the reality is that this specific tile is far from common.

In truth, it’s a work of wizardry.


Just ask Olivia, a chomper of a cat.

Melissa Pea, the owner of Olivia’s, was cooking supper last year when a piece of cooked chicken dropped from the counter and landed on the tile. Pea was preoccupied, so she didn’t immediately bend down to pick it up.


Olivia then walked in.

Of course, she ate the unexpected floor treat, which she evidently mistook for a present from the tile itself.


If the odd emergence of food on the flooring could happen once, Olivia believes it may happen again.

“She would come in every day for a week and sniff the chicken location. Every single time. Several times throughout the day, “The Dodo was informed by Pea. “We thought that was amusing,” said the group.

The cat’s family decided to covertly fulfill her wish of locating another tile goodie after watching this for a time. They placed another morsel on the flooring in the same position while Olivia was in another room. Her suspicions were verified when she came in to check the time.

This was a very wonderful tile.


It’s been a year since Olivia first discovered the secret of the magic tile, and she still checks it many times a day – and with good cause. Olivia’s family keeps up the lovely charade by leaving a bite of food on the flooring for her while she isn’t looking.

She’s always overjoyed when she discovers it.

Olivia, on the other hand, is unaware that the source of that “magic” is actually her family’s love for her.


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