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Man Thought He Was Raising Two Puppies, But Soon Realizes They’re Bears

A Chinese man, Wang Kaiyu, purchased two “puppies” from a Vietnamese man near the China-Vietnam border 2 years ago. He told CCTV News: “I was working on my banana farm two years ago. One day a Vietnamese man showed me two good looking pups, saying that they were good watch dogs, so I bought them.”

He took really good care of the puppies, making sure they were bathed and groomed every day and the pups were well-behaved. But as they grew, he came to realize there was something different about them.

The “dogs” grew in appetite and size and had a taste for Wang’s chickens. But it wasn’t until Wang saw conservation flyers about endangered species that he realized his two pets were, in fact, Asiatic black bears.

The bears are an endangered species and it’s against the law to have the animals as pets. Realizing his mistake, Wang called police looking for help. The bears are now at Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Centre, where a spokesman says that the boy and girl bears are doing well and in good health.