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This Adorable Golden Retriever Can’t Leave Home Without His Mini-Me Stuffed Toy

There’s nothing cuter than an adorable dog cuddling his best friend. But did you know that dogs can make long-lasting friendships not only with humans? If not, it’s probably because you haven’t met Barley yet. Barley is a 1.5-year-old golden retriever from Amsterdam with more 81k followers on his instagram account @barleyboy. The adorable pooch is going viral for his friendship with a tiny mini-me companion – a stuffed toy that never leaves his side.

Barley shares his home with owners Zita and Marc and of course his tiny buddy, a stuffed Golden Retriever toy named Fluffy. It’s safe to say that their friendship is like no other.

The pup and the stuffed animal have been absolutely inseparable from day one. “Barley’s had Fluffy since the very first day he arrived home. Fluffy was bigger than Barley when they first met so they’ve really grown up together,” his owner told Bored Panda.

When we say inseparable, we really mean it. “Oh my gosh, Barley brings Fluffy EVERYWHERE! Every morning, Barley wakes up and jumps up on our bed with Fluffy. Then Barley brings him out for a morning stroll. They chill together the entire day, it’s the sweetest thing.”

“Every single time the human comes home, Barley picks up Fluffy and brings him over as a welcome-home present. Whenever he hears a loud noise or if the vacuum cleaner appears, he picks up Fluffy for comfort. He brings Fluffy to bed. He brings Fluffy with him when he has a bath so Fluffy gets washed too. He even brings Fluffy out for a pee!”

It’s clear that Barley has a special bond with Fluffy, and not only because he turned the toy into his loyal sidekick who never leaves his side, but also because Barley who is infamous for his destroying abilities takes good care of his tiny friend.

“Occasionally, he hangs out with his stuffed panda sometimes. Fluffy also has a big brother from IKEA but Barley’s not too interested in him. In fact, Barley’s destroyed all his other stuffed toys but has never once harmed Fluffy. He takes such good care of him, it’s kind of crazy how much he loves him.”

They even go through the same procedures together! “A few weeks ago, Barley got neutered and had to wear a lampshade for a week. We felt so bad for him that we got a cone of shame for Fluffy too. It definitely made him much happier haha.”

When asked why Fluffy is so special to Barley, here’s what the loving owner told us. “Fluffy is his best friend and also his comfort blanket. He’s had him since the day he came home.

“Goldens are known for their soft mouth so I guess he feels comfort when he holds him and he loves the attention he gets when he carries him around everywhere!”