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The Ram That Was Discovered In The Woods Was So Woolly That It Could Scarcely Move

Edgar’s Mission Animal Sanctuary in Australia recently rescued a ram named Baarack. He had apparently been lost in the wilderness for a long time, and it was clear that he was so woolly that he could scarcely walk wrapped in all that wool.

Sheep, in general, require frequent shearing because their coats can become so thick that they make it impossible to move about freely and correctly.

According to The Dodo, Baarack had reached the point where moving was a full challenge after his time alone traversing the wilderness.


The animal sanctuary posted on its Facebook page, “In a post on its Facebook page, the animal sanctuary stated:

“They discovered him roaming through a state forest, among the diverse trees, natural creatures, and perils. Every day, his wool got longer, his predicament became more terrible, and his prospects of survival became slimmer.

Fortunately for Baarack, assistance arrived just in time, and things were looking up for this ram. Baarack was rescued from his woolly prison by Sanctuary workers, who used scissors and a lot of care to give this sweet critter a well-deserved makeover.


The personnel of the refuge reassured:

“Now that he’s free of his 35 kilograms (77 pounds) of thick wool, he can see the world more clearly than ever before. You can walk more effortlessly than you ever could before, and you can express yourself in ways you never could before.


Baarack now has a shot at a better life, owing to his resilience gained through living on his own for so long. And, of course, grateful to the sanctuary’s assistance in improving his quality of life.

Baarack will now be able to spend his days at the sanctuary in comfort and quiet, surrounded by individuals who will always look after his well-being.