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Kissing Her New Hairless Sibling Is A Habit For A Rescued Dog

Sasha, Mary Lynn Cristiano’s rescued dog, never expected to befriend another dog. When it comes to other dogs, the 9-year-old pit bull has always been nervous, and he has never been interested in toys or simply playing. Sasha, Mary explains, “simply doesn’t know how to be a dog.”

All of that changed, however, when Mary brought home two pups, Biagio and Donatella. Sasha would learn to tolerate them if they were introduced gradually, the mother hoped. What he didn’t anticipate was for the pit bull to form a relationship with the puppies, especially Donatella, after only a few weeks.

According to Mary, who spoke to The Dodo,

“She’s the clumsiest of the bunch.” He sits and eats in an odd manner. She’s cute, but she’s quite needy.


Sasha consoled herself before meeting her new siblings by continually kissing her mother’s feet. He now likes spending time with his siblings and is quite lovely. Donatella is a Xoloitzcuintli dog that is nearly fully hairless, and the softness of her skin made Sasha want to lick her all the time.

Mary explains:

“She licks obsessively.” She used to lick our feet all the time before the pups, which is cute, but now she’s like, ‘We’ve been 20 minutes, and I don’t want them to lick me longer.’


Donatella, unlike Cristiano, doesn’t appear to mind Sasha’s tongue showers and even seems to love them.

Mary affirms:

“Now Sasha has someone to kiss and the puppy is falling asleep, they’re both pleased.”


Every day, these two sisters get ready for their relaxing home spa treatment. Sasha relieves her anxiousness by licking Donatella, while Donatella enjoys a lengthy bath and a well-deserved massage to keep her skin clean and nourished.

Mary continued:

“When they get a spa treatment, they take up the entire sofa.” They must both lie down, and no one else is permitted to use the sofa.

Sasha surprised Mary by opening her heart to her two new playmates. The pitbull’s uncomfortable personality has entirely altered as a result of them.

Mary explains:

“He gets a lot of vitality from the two youngsters. She never chewed on toys or was able to play with other dogs before, and now that she has these two puppies, she suddenly likes to chew on toys, loves tennis balls, and loves to fight with them. It’s a lot of fun.