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A Shelter Dog Wants To Touch The Hand Of Everyone Who Goes By In Search Of Affection

An cute little puppy waited patiently for almost a year and a half to find the ideal family. Speck is the name of our lovely protagonist, a dog that sought for affection in the most gentle way conceivable while spending his days in the kennel.

CREDIT: Bullock County Humane Society

He was cared for at the Bullock County Humane Society facility in Alabama, and when he was rescued, he had visible scars on much of his body and face. Perhaps he was fighting with other dogs or was mistreated by people during his time on the streets.

It’s probable that his grades were a barrier to winning an adopter’s heart, so Speck had to wait more than a year to get the happy ending he deserved.

CREDIT: Bullock County Humane Society

Every day, as one of his carers entered his cage, this adorable dog carefully pushed his face out between the metal bars, extended one of his paws, and grabbed people’s hands. His deepest desire was to be unconditionally loved. The shelter’s director, Desiray Miracle-Wilder, commented on this:

“All he wants is for people to fall in love with him.” He extends his small hand and simply wants you to touch and hold his hand. And it’s really awful when you walk out to continue cleaning or whatever else you have to do.”

CREDIT: Bullock County Humane Society

Despite having had a difficult life in the past, this cute little puppy is full of kindness and love to give, and is only asking for affection from humans and a forever home.

“He can surround himself with anything else: another giant dog, a cat, but he is obsessed with receiving love from people, who does not care about anything else, he only wants you to touch him, if you sit down, he is lying on you He holds his hand, he holds yours, if you scratch his belly, he turns around,” Desiray explained.

CREDIT: Bullock County Humane Society

In one of those routines, Desiray decided to videotape the puppy’s emotional reaction and broadcast it on social media; it didn’t take long for it to win the hearts of thousands of Internet users; the goal was to catch the attention of someone who wanted to make the puppy a part of their family.

An heartfelt video helped her identify the relatives she had been looking for for so long:

Fortunately, Allie’s Hope For Paws Dog Rescue noticed the video and contacted the shelter right after with a family interested in giving little Speck a forever home.

CREDIT: Bullock County Humane Society

The wait was well worth it; finally, this puppy has found a home with a family who will lavish him with all the love he deserves.

Today, Speck enjoys spending time with his human family as well as other puppies rescued by his new favorite folks. In his new home, he enjoys running and playing. Finally, Desiray emphasized:

CREDIT: Bullock County Humane Society

“He’ll race on a 10-acre farm alongside Mike, his family, and two more furry brothers.” We are overjoyed. Not only was Speck adopted as a result of this adorable movie, but he also assisted in the rescue of additional pups and obtained food contributions for us! ”