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Rabbit Named Leo That Was Born With Completely No Ears Has A Loving Family!

Meet this lovely earless rabbit named Leo. This cutie just looks like a tiny lion. Am I right?

She lives with her owner named Kylie Clarke in Northern Ireland.

“She’s just beautiful. We called her Leo because she just looks like a wee mini lion,” Clarke said.
This rabbit is so healthy despite her ear problem.

“Once Leo was born, I knew something wasn’t right, she didn’t look right. Then, as she got older, you could see she’s been born with completely no ears.”

Kylie has said that at first was so scared of this but she realized that this thing happens sometimes.

“I was really scared at the start, but when I started doing a bit more research, I realized it’s so, so rare to happen, but it can happen. As far as I’ve researched, there’s no spot-on explanation, really. She’s otherwise happy and healthy,” Clarke said.

Leo is so adorable and is so energetic. She loves playing around and adores living her life.