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A Fisherman Catches A Rare ‘Cotton Candy’ Lobster And Decides To Let Him Go At His Home Again

Last November, lobsterman Robinson Russell was taken aback by what he discovered in his trap.

“I reside on Grand Manan, a little island off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada,” Russell told The Dodo. “I’ve been fishing for almost 20 years and this is the first one of that color I’ve ever seen.”

Lucky the lobster couldn’t help but stand out from the throng with his brilliant, almost translucent shell shimmering with shades of pastel blue and purple.


Lucky is not albino, despite the fact that he seems white at times. He’s been dubbed the “cotton candy” lobster because of his remarkable rainbow coloration.

According to the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute, a lobster-like Lucky is one in a hundred million, and Russell believed he’d never see another capture like it.

According to Cynthia Callahan, manager of the Huntsman Marine Science Center, the lobster’s distinctive brownish-green hue is created by the expression of several pigments in his shell. Lucky’s distinctive coloration is caused by a genetic mutation that causes one or more of the red, blue, or yellow pigments in the shell to show through. Lobsters come in a variety of colors, and Russell has seen lobsters that were brilliant orange, blue, and yellow all arrive from the same bay.

Lucky, on the other hand, was the rarest of all.


Russell was well aware that Lucky was unique, and he couldn’t bear the thought of the rare animal ending up on someone’s plate.

Russell stated, “We dubbed it Lucky on the way in, and I shared a couple images of it on Instagram.” “I couldn’t bear the thought of selling it, so I donated it to the Huntsman [Marine] Aquarium in St. Andrews, where it will now spend the remainder of its days.”

While we hope that this lobster returns to the wild one day, Russell’s charity has given him a second shot at life.