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To Keep Her Obese Cat From Stealing Food, A Woman Locks The Fridge And Cupboards

Sara Matthews knew Keith, her rescued cat, had severe medical issues when she decided to adopt him as a birthday present for her daughter Charlie. Keith was critically emaciated and had gastrointestinal difficulties when he arrived at the animal rescue facility, so he had to follow a particular diet.

However, the kitten began to demonstrate a strong need for food and even exited the cage to steal food from other cats.

Her daughter Charlie encountered the gorgeous kitty when she needed a home since the mother volunteered at the animal shelter.


Sara explained to METRO:

“I adopted him for Charlie as a surprise birthday present since she fell in love with him immediately away.”

They had no idea that after adopting him, Keith would grow up to be a huge man, thanks to his voracious appetite for food.


Sara had to install childproof locks on her refrigerator and certain drawers since the drive to locate food is so strong.

Keith has grown from 11 pounds to 24 pounds despite efforts to keep him from finding food, several diets, and vet appointments.


It’s around the size of a medium-sized dog, and the kitten hasn’t stopped growing in the previous seven years.

Sara had this to say:

“Since we had Keith, we’ve had kid locks on the refrigerator. When I initially opened it, it would climb, and I was frightened that it might get caught without us seeing.

It’s that no matter what kind of handle the food cabinets have, whether round or pulley, it always manages to go in.


One of the last cabinets Keith inspected, according to the woman, had a hefty rubbish bag in front of it. However, the astute cat maneuvered the bag out of the way and made his way to the food bags, accomplishing his purpose.

Sara continued, ”

“Now I have to put all of their rations in plastic containers with flip-open lids,” says the narrator. To slow it down, we attempted puzzle feeders, but it just flipped them over.

Keith adores eating and would eat anything. He particularly like green foods, so veggies are not exempt from his voracious hunger.

The veterinarians put Keith on a special food regimen and made other changes at home after learning about his eating problem. The other cats in the house, for example, were given separate feeders that could only be used by them due to a microchip.


Keith, on the other hand, continued to gain weight, and they eventually learned that he had been rummaging into the rubbish cans of his neighbors in search of food. He liked to dig through the rubbish since he felt he didn’t have enough food at home, so he could eat whatever he found.

Sara expressed herself as follows:

“We had to put labels on it asking people not to feed it,” says the narrator.


Sara decided that Keith would remain an inside cat once they moved in order to save him from getting poisoned by rubbish. However, he would be less active as a result, despite the fact that he possessed various objects at home that may contribute to his workout entertainment.

The reality is that his family has spent a significant amount of money over the years in search of a solution.


A bag of speciality food costs around 70 pounds, and he was on this diet for three years.

Keith has undergone several tests to determine the cause of his eating disorder, but none of them have been conclusive, and they still don’t know why. Even though the lovely feline is only allowed 50 grams of food each day, he displays his persistence when it comes to supplementing his diet.


Keith enjoys his life and enjoys playing with Charlie, who has autism, despite the fact that he is larger than a typical cat his age.

He has never considered his weight to be an issue, and he is much more active than the other cats in his house, as seen by his playful behavior. He likes to jump around and play in order to locate anything, and he sometimes seems more like a dog than a cat, despite the fact that he is quite the escape artist.