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Her Crying Sister Is Comforted By Dog, Who Brings Her Favorite Toy

After being released from the hospital in early July, Nick Elliott and his wife took their infant Macie home. They were both ecstatic to discover that the baby will be introduced to her bigger brother, Tommy, a two-year-old Doberman.

Because the puppy has always been overly affectionate and loyal to his parents, they anticipated him to behave similarly with the new family member.

According to Nick, who spoke to The Dodo,

“When we’ve seen him with family, friends, and children in the past, his entire personality shifts. He lowers himself to their level and simply lies down with them, letting himself be petted. It must be his natural nature to be delicate and cautious.

Credit: Image | Nick elliott

Fortunately, the first meeting between the dog and the infant went as planned, and the pair was overjoyed to watch it.

Tommy was placed on the couch before the encounter, and the couple let him smell his clothing before introducing him to tiny Macie.

Credit: Image | Nick elliott

Nick continued, ”

“We brought Macie, who was naturally interested and kind.”

Everything appeared to imply that he had accepted her, because he had wanted to be near her since he first saw her, but he had refrained from touching her.

Credit: Image | Nick elliott

From that point on, the family seemed to have formed a new link of love, but they had no idea Tommy would go any farther. The dog seemed to want to look after her as well, and if his sister needed something, he seemed to be there to assist and encourage her.

Nick had this to say:

“For the first few days, I used to emit a sad little sigh when she screamed, but now she’s acclimated to all the new sounds and scents and is unaffected.” He checks on her on a daily basis and waggles her tail to see whether she’s okay.

Credit: Image | Nick elliott

The most startling thing, though, was Tommy’s decision to do anything to soothe his younger sister down after seeing her weep over her bottle. The dog decided to console Macie by bringing her beloved teddy bear while her mother was on her way to the kitchen to make a new bottle.

No one knew how the plush animal ended up by Macie’s side at the time, but they were startled when they examined the baby monitor’s video.

Nick stated:

“After Hayley saw the teddy bear with the baby, we went through the records and realized what she had done.” It made a small tail wag!

The parents were taken aback by the sweetness of the personal moment, but they also realized they had an additional hand to look after Macie.

Credit: Image | Nick elliott