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On Adoption Day, A Puppy Was Dressed In The Right Way, Which Went Viral And Found A Home

According to MILENIO.COM, Vicente was in the care of Fundación Rescátame, a Bogotá, Colombia-based organization that provides care and shelter to dogs in the hopes of finding them a permanent home.

Vicente’s potential adopter had to terminate the adoption procedure at the last minute, and the foundation informed him on their Facebook page:

“Vicente was found dressed and in a tumult, and he is still offered for adoption.” Vicente’s ostensible adopter never showed up. He canceled his adoption when he was ready for a home and bathed ».


People on the internet responded quickly to the puppy’s predicament, and many expressed their displeasure with the circumstance by sharing the organization’s article. As a result, the story went viral, and after viewing the pictures of the adorable dog, a family decided to give him a permanent home.


The organization conveyed the wonderful news that Vicente had found a family that was interested in adopting him just hours after the first posting.

They posted beside a photo of the pooch and his new family:

“We never imagined his narrative would go this far, thanks to all of the interested individuals,” says the author. We’d like to inform you that Vicente has been adopted by a wonderful family. We still have around 40 animal friends in the foundation who are looking for a home ».


The charity underlines that its work does not end there, and that there are still many more creatures in need of a forever home and a loving family.