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When His Anxious Sibling Becomes Dizzy, This Dog Knows Exactly How To Comfort Her

The adorable little puppy is very smart, and he can tell when something is wrong with a member of his loving family, and he constantly attempts to help. When Eddy travels with his sister, who suffers from dizziness in the car and feels frightened, he is generally quite tolerant, but thankfully Eddy is a professional who can reassure her.

Eddy’s mother, Ashley Karlin, told The Dodo:

“Eddy and Daisy act as though they are brothers. They cheer one other up by running around in the backyard together. ‘They sleep next to each other, sometimes on top of each other.’


Ashley explains:

“When she starts drooling in the back seat, Eddy lies in the other direction to put his head on hers. Daisy will keep getting up, lying down, getting up, lying down till she vomits if he doesn’t do this.


But that’s not all; when they’re in the car, Eddy maintains a tight watch on his adopted mother to ensure she’s comfortable and secure. He constantly strives to be the first to notice when things with his family aren’t going as planned.

Ashley remembers:

“One of the warning signals that Eddy was continuously resting his head on my tummy was because my husband and I recently learned that I am pregnant.” Eddy has also woken me up several times throughout the night to warn me that I was going hypoglycemia, despite his inability to do so.


The lovely Labrador is always willing to provide a helping hand to his elder sister and mother when they need it, loves them fiercely, and works tirelessly to keep his family secure. Ashley can’t picture her life without Eddy’s companionship, much alone her automobile rides.