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When Mallard Meets A Dog, They Decide To Become Best Buddies 

This duck was lonely in the pond outside Evan Hastings’ house for a long time until he met McGee, a sweet and sociable 6-year-old golden retriever who became his best buddy.

McGee is a lovely dog with a huge heart who doesn’t seem to mind his new feathery pal being a little clingy.

According to Evan, who spoke to The Dodo:

“He is a great, sociable dog that does not have a single negative bone in his body. “I believe the duck felt lonely and began following McGee, after which they became great friends.”


Daffy, the duck’s nickname, spends his days sunbathing with his pal McGee. McGee is exceedingly patient, and Daffy attempts to catch the dog’s attention at all times; in fact, they eat from the same dish. Every morning, he enjoys sharing his meal with Daffy.

Evan stated, ”

“McGee is laying on the grass throughout the day, with the duck on his back.” “I believe McGee becomes irritated after a time because the duck refuses to quit pecking him for some reason.”


Daffy is seldom seen without McGee at his side; the two amigos spend hours swimming together. To get out of the water, the duck loves to leap into the pond, swim, and hop on McGee’s back. Daffy seemed to like being carried on the dog’s back.


Evan continued:

«The duck usually attempts to turn on its back when they swim together. He lifts his wings from time to time when he’s up there, which is funny.

Make sure to watch the video to see these pals’ charming routine: