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Pregnant Stray Cat Named Salami Gave Birth To Her Babies At A Woman’s House, She Has A Family Now

Ida Floreak is an artist and lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. One day, she faced something really unexpected.

Also, she got surprised. Last fall, a stray cat was hanging around her home.

Floreak immediately felt in love with the cat, that started to frequent her house so often. The artist named her Salami.

“[My cat Bruce] is a 7-year-old Siamese, and about twice her size. He’s big and very rude but I love him. Salami does too — he’s the reason she started coming by,” Floreak told Bored Panda. “I would let him outside for a little while and they would hang out in the backyard together. When he would come back in, she started to follow him. Now they hang out all day, nap together, and groom each other. It’s very sweet.”

Now Salami and Bruce are best friends. They are inseparable. Day after day, Ida noticed that Salami was pregnant.

“One day, Salami started meowing insistently at my door at 5 a.m. I had started feeding her at this point so she knew to come by, but she had never been so insistent and certainly never so early,” the artist explained.

“Salami came inside and just meowed at me for a few hours so I figured something was about to happen; she was so round at that point.”

The cat was let in to give birth to her babies. Not just that but Floreak helped her. After giving birth, artist decided to keep the cat at her home.

“Salami lives with me now,” Floreak said. What a great and beautiful act by Ida Floreak.