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Child Wins ASPCA Kid of the Year Award for Saving Over 1300 Dogs

We’d like to introduce you to Roman McConn, an adorable 7-year-old kid from Georgia who loves animals, especially dogs and cats. Since he was four years old, he has rescued more than 1,300 dogs and 50 cats from death shelters. It’s for this reason that he was named ASPCA’s “Kid of the Year” by the organization.

Credit: Ilovemycat

All of this began when Roman asked his family and friends not to give him any gifts for his 4th birthday, instead requesting that they donate the money to his favorite animal rescue charity instead.

Credit: Ilovemycat

It’s essential to Roman that the dogs he meets have the best opportunity of finding a good home. Many other students should be doing what I’m doing, according to me.

Credit: Ilovemycat

His small act of kindness has grown into Project Freedom Ride, an organization that helps rescue and transport animals from kill or overcrowded shelters in Georgia and Texas to Washington and other places, where they helped the dogs find new homes with loving humans, thanks to the support of his mother Jennifer and his family.

Credit: Ilovemycat

His mother would videotape him playing with the rescue dogs and post the videos on Facebook so that potential adopters could see how cute and lovely the puppies are.

He explained, “She publishes it on Facebook so everyone may see it.” “I believe it is critical that I provide the best opportunity for the dogs I meet to find the perfect home.”

Credit: Ilovemycat

Despite his youth, Roman makes every effort to assist needy dogs and animals, believing that they all deserve a better life than those who live in shelters. Roman also hopes that by sharing his tale, other youngsters may be inspired to rescue animals in their own communities.

Roman received an award from the ASPCA for his outstanding work, and we wholeheartedly agree that he is the one who truly deserves it. The little child sets a wonderful example for everyone to follow in terms of assisting animals in need.

Watch the video below to see Roman’s story!