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Owner Got Surprised When Her 2 White Dogs Deliver Black Puppies

Jacqueline Arguello’s two white-furred dogs just had the most beautiful BLACK puppies [alert: awkward], raising the question whether the mom dog was faithful. “When I saw her first baby be born, I thought it was funny that [the baby] was black,” Texas-based Arguello told BuzzFeed. “And then the next one was black, and the next, and the next!” she recalled.

As far as Arguello knew, her poodle was the first dog her female canine Mocca had contact with. However, the color of the puppies lead to Arguello’s family speculating whether Mocca secretly sneaked out and bred with some other canine.

Of course, this can be the simple case of genetics – sometimes two white canines can produce black puppies if they both carry the dominant “black” gene. A color from generations ago can pop up in any puppy.

Still, Arguello’s joke made for a good laugh. “I’m just happy we have beautiful healthy pups and eventually we’ll see if they look like daddy,” she said, giggling.