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After Her Tearful Plea Goes Viral, a Girl Reunites With Her Lost Dog

Madison Wallace and her family were able to achieve the joyful ending they desired.

Madison, a 5-year-old girl whose impassioned plea for assistance locating her lost dog went viral online less than a week ago, has been reunited with the pet she feared she’d never see again.

Buddy, the Wallaces’ beloved dog, escaped from the Wallaces’ backyard in Akron, Ohio, on Monday.

However, the dog was not wearing a collar or being microchipped at the time, so the family had to rely on social media to find him.

Laurie, Madison’s mother, had asked people in the neighborhood to keep a look out for Buddy on Facebook, but it appears that her daughter wanted to let everyone know how important it was for her to get Buddy back.

Madison appealed for her dog’s safe return in a video included in that post.

“Please bring Buddy home if you find him,” she begged.

The small girl’s heartfelt message to her neighborhood went viral in a matter of days, garnering almost 11 million views online.

Thankfully, Madison’s video garnered a lot of attention, and it paid off.

On Saturday, the Wallaces received a call from a woman who claimed to have discovered Buddy the night he’d run away and was keeping him safe until his family could be found.

Madison and Buddy were reunited as a result of this.

Buddy’s story has a happy ending, but it important means of microchipping dogs (which would have made it much easier to find his home).

After all, it’s always best to be prepared when it comes to the well-being of a furry family member.