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Cat Discovered with Two Sets of Kittens Is Overjoyed to Have Her Dream Fulfilled

Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles learned about the condition of a mother cat and her eight kittens from two different litters earlier this year. Before the family of nine would have ended up at the shelter, the rescue was able to intercept them and take them in.

Tangerine, the calico, was just a year old and in desperate need of help. Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow, “We got the mom with two sets of four at various ages, all nursing.”

The young mother was overworked trying to feed eight ravenous mouths. Tangerine was able to focus on her four demanding 10-day-old pups once volunteers began nourishing the older kittens.

Alley Cat Rescue

They got along swimmingly for a few weeks until she ran out of milk. Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow, “We had always been helping them and giving meals, so it was an easy transition.”

All of the kittens were bottle-fed 24 hours a day, while mommy Tangerine kept them spotless. She was pleased to get some much-needed help, and she began to spend more time with her loved ones, soaking in the affection.

Alley Cat Rescue

Tangerine enthusiastically greeted the caregivers and rumbled with her beautiful purrs as they entered the room. Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow, “She was extremely lovely and ready for attention.”

“At three weeks old, one of the elder kittens began consuming mom’s food. Some others couldn’t even find their own feet, but this tiny man had it down to a science.”

Alley Cat Rescue

“It never ceases to amaze me how intelligent kittens are. They quickly pick up litter box routines, wipe their paws, chase toys, and cuddle to keep warm.”

Cornbread was the youngest of the litter and required additional assistance to help him grow. “We’ve been keeping a tight eye on their weights, and this little boy has completely stopped gaining weight.”

Alley Cat Rescue

He was the size of a bottle, but he had a strong spirit and was desperate to catch up to his siblings. After each feeding, Momma Tangerine would congratulate him and clean off his milkstache.

Little Cornbread didn’t let his stature define him because he could compete with his older brothers.

Alley Cat Rescue

He’s gaining weight and developing into a lovely ginger kitten. “He’s a nice young boy who is constantly hungry. We receive the sweetest greeting after the babies find out where their next feed is coming from.”

Cornbread’s littermates have begun to feed on their own, but he remains a skeptic, insisting on his daily bottles. “Who can refuse these colossal blue eyes?”

Alley Cat Rescue

Momma Tangerine has committed her children to her caregivers and is ready to give up parenthood for good. She’d always wanted to be the center of attention in her own space.

Tangerine’s wish came true this week when she was officially adopted and moved to her new home.

Alley Cat Rescue

She is happy to be a kitten once more, receiving all of the love, playtime, and snuggles from her forever owners.

“She now has a family (and a new sister) to spoil her with. She is overjoyed to have finally found her happily ever after “Love Meow was informed by Alley Cat Rescue.

Alley Cat Rescue

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