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As A Thank You For Rescuing Him, Husky Gives A Sweet Kiss To The Firefighter

Dogs are brave creatures who love to explore new places. With that in mind, their curiosity may occasionally get the better of them, putting them in perilous circumstances.
A Husky who had been rescued from a dangerous situation was happy and couldn’t stop himself from kissing his newfound friend, a fireman.

The cunning husky pushed himself out onto the rooftop through an open window on the upper level of his home.


Despite the fact that the dog looked indifferent about the situation, one anxious neighbor contacted the fire department and waited for them to come.

“Captain Jeff Nawfel of the Wells Fire Department was able to save this lovely dog who had gotten out onto his roof and become stuck.”

Captain Jeff Nawfel of the Wells Fire Department made his way onto the roof to remove the dog. The dog was clearly not interested in returning inside as he labored to carefully remove the window and bring him back inside.

Because the husky would not return through the window, he chose to take a seat next to the fireman while he worked.

Captain Jeff was there to save the dog, so he gave him a huge kiss to reward him for his efforts!


“Thank you, Captain Nawfel! Kisses!” It’s all about love, pawsatively! Is there anything more beautiful than an animal thanking you?!” — According to the Wells Maine Police Department’s Facebook page.

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